Thursday, December 10, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Taking a look at the lost Papaya Kings. [FNY]

Your own personalized "big business" commercial. [BBAA]

The Thunderbirds return to Coney for the first time since 1993. [ATZ]

"Save the Pink Tea Cup" has a Facebook page.

Left Bank Books has some rare copies of Frank O'Hara books. Get them before they, and the shop, are gone:

Brooks provides an early end-of-year roundup of lost NYC landmarks. [LC]

Anybody got a room for the Mosaic Man? [NMNL]

The LES in the 1970s. [BB]

Back when the Christodora was not for supermodels. [EVG]

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wester said...

writer jonathan lethem cosigns papaya king in motherless brooklyn. also complains about how "reality got priced out of manhattan." i literally heard him say that last week. you guys friends?