Monday, December 28, 2009

Frank's Deli


On 9th Avenue and 20th Street, surrounded evermore by upscale bistros and the like, is Frank's Deli. I've had many sandwiches from Frank, but today I got this sad news in an email:

"Frank's is closing this week as Frank could not get his lease renewed. Frank is really beloved in Chelsea, everyone knows and respects him. There's a photo with him and Archbishop Tutu over his register, from when the Archbishop visited the nearby Seminary."

A call to Frank's confirms they will be closed "in a couple of days."

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Teresa E.'s review on Yelp says it all about the place: "The reasons to go here are: deli sandwiches, beer, emergency light bulbs, and Frank himself. He's a flirt, and if you want to practice Spanish, he's right there for you. A real neighborhood haunt, frequented by kids buying ice cream after school, construction workers ordering 35 sandwiches for their crew, and a cute kitty."

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As Chelsea's 9th Avenue gets more and more Vongerichtified, we'll be saying goodbye to more places like Frank's.

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Anonymous said...

Ninth Avenue in that area has lost so many family-owned shops that have been there for years - all due to landlords requesting astronomical rent increases. No more diversity. Just chain stores and high-priced (for no mreason) boutique stores.

c.o. moed said...

this is horrifying. What will take its place? another expensive restaurant or boutique that no one can afford to go to? the landlord is an idiot to lose such a dependable tenant.

SunnyD said...

Oh, Noooooo!!!! My neighborhood really is going to Hell in a handbasket :( Finding a cup of coffee under $3.50?? Not so much! A place for those of us not fortunate enough to have our own laundry facilities to wash our clothes?? Etc., etc., etc... Forget about it! This is terrible news.

ds said...

Wow, I'm really sorry to hear this. I lived on Frank's bacon, egg-n-cheese sandwiches while I was in college. I moved out of the neighborhood years ago but anytime I passed Frank's, it brought a smile to my face. That place was such a part of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I just said goodbye to Frank at 7 this morning. Everything is half off, and the store is full of people wishing him well. Today is his last day, he said.

Anonymous said...

I know Frank for 20 years and all I can say is that he is not as nice as everyone thinks. No need to say more.