Wednesday, December 9, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Dapper Dan goes back under cover--on 14th St., the antique sign we all loved is now covered by Chelsea Bagel & Cafe:

Pink Tea Cup to close after 55 years of bringing soul food to the Village. [Eater]

Check out the C-Squat art show. [SG]

Miss Heather of NY Shitty talks about life as a Broke-Ass. [BAS]

Jet Blue launches "joke" store--basically it's an "Adver-store"--next to the Old Homestead in Meatpacking. Comes complete with a robot that says "nice things to you" while you take snacks out of his chest. Another temporary use of a dead storefront:

"The Lower East Side has gentrified so exponentially that generations of inhabitants are being priced out, their homes razed or renovated, and replaced with luxury apartments." [CR]

A look inside the restoration of St. Brigid's church. [EVG]

East Harlem loses its luxury edge. [CR]

Yasmine Chatila's photos through New York's windows are far more enticing and evocative than anything you'll see through The Standard's glass. [Gothamist]


Melanie said...

The love for New York that you have helps to make and keep it great in a magical kinda way.

~evilsugar25 said...

unfortunately, i think the dapper dan sign was not covered up, but taken down. i have a pic of the dan sign on my flickr account, and someone posted a pic they took recently in reply of the dan sign on the ground as they put the bagel sign up. sigh. i wonder where that old sign ended up...

~evilsugar25 said...
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