Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Mike Albo on the new "McModern" McDonald's of 6th Ave: "Consumer nomads looking for wifi and telescreens to make us feel connected, and futuristic environments to make us feel like there is a future, but with access to cheap Big Macs. Here’s the real future—sure there may be some breathtaking architecture, but it will be crawling with familiar logos and neon signage and probably smell like Cinnabons. A bustling, ketchuppy Tomorrowland." [TDB]

Freddy's guillotines eminent domain. [Curbed]

The lovely, iconic, zebra-filled Gino to close on Thursday. [Eater]

Barack your car at the Chelsea garage:

After just 6 years on the LES, one journalist decides to jump ship, leaving the neighborhood to "Hordes of banker boys...Toothsome Upper East Side girl packs...Hipster millennials." [NYT]

On the LES: "After decades of hosting immigrant cultures and earning a reputation as the neighborhood most likely to relieve you of your wallet...its moment as an urban frontier for artists and cool kids, off the radar of tourists and the tragically unhip, ended quickly." [BB]

NBA mural on Ave. A a mess of falling bricks. [EVG]

In Times Square, people use paper shredder to deal with tough emotions. [HP]

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Anonymous said...

What is this guy kidding me? The LES hasn't changed much over the last 6 years. In 2003 it was an overhyped, over-expensive haven for trust fund kids and bankers with expense accounts. Today, it's still pretty much that. However some of the more obscenely expensive places have begun to close, especially on Clinton St.

Now if he moved to the LES in 1993, then he'd have a point.