Tuesday, December 1, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Mud Coffee has apparently given birth to a "Giant Wiener Dog" shack attached to Webster Hall.

"Eat me or I'll eat you," says the Giant Wiener Dog...shark?

"Senior bankers at Goldman Sachs are arming themselves with handguns to fend off any forthcoming populist uprising against the bank." [Gothamist]

For uber-cuteness, a hamster on a crime-scene subway can't be beat. [NYS]

Bagels replace Papaya King on 14th and 7th. [Grub]

Viking pub crawl spawns weird love connection. [BB]

City takes another swipe at graffiti by outlawing security gates. Meanwhile, half the city is infested with bed bugs. [CR]

1 comment:

Grand St. said...

Re: 14th & 7th -

Wasn't there one of those mediocre Bagelry joints in that location before the Papaya King? Seems like the hot dogs got caught in a bagel sandwich.