Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mike's & Mike

Mike's Newsstand and Candyland has stood on West 122nd between Lenox and 7th since 1932.

Here, at one of the last of the vanishing newsstands, Michael Jackson may be long off the front page (real estate today taken up by the tarnished Tiger), but he has not been forgotten.

Harlem Live wrote about the stand, "This is more than just a location to get your daily newspaper and candy. It is a warm, friendly place where everyone knows each other and where you do not mind staying to mingle with the owner who makes sure that everybody, old or young, feels welcome and appreciated as a customer."

You can also get a handful of Mary Janes here. Michael Jackson, Mary Janes. What year is it?


EV Grieve said...

Those new Cemusa stands are anything but warm and friendly...cold, bland and corporate — just like our mayor....

Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to Joe Bruno, the man who attempted to destroy rent regulation; hope he's sent to a nice friendly place.