Tuesday, February 3, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

In more Signs of the Yunnipocalypse:
-Starbucks offers value meals
-New York's rent regulation laws now fortified!
-Puppies are losing their cachet
-Shea Stadium may not be named after a bank
-Doubledown, zines for Wall St's elite, runs out of money

But the condos keep coming. Shield your eyes, drivers! 245 10th Avenue has been skinned and it's ready to burn out your retinas:

In sad news, my favorite street eccentric, Joe Ades the Peeler Man, has passed away. [NYT] Enjoy an ode to Ades, plus a video and a Villager salute.

In more sad news: Oscar Wilde, the oldest LGBT bookshop, is shuttering after 41 years. [CR]

LCD Soundsystem says "New York, I love you, but you're bringing me down." Watch the video.

Andy Schwartz visits the vanished Soundscape. [Furious]

That whole crazy Haley Joel Penistrator thing has made it into print. [EVG]


Anonymous said...

Very sad about the Peeler Man. He was one of my favorites too. Glad I got mine before he passed. I saw him turn down some Euro-Yunnie that was trying to haggle him down from $5 to $4 while talking on a cell phone. He said, "I haven't got one for $4, they're from Switzerland!"

Anonymous said...

Best *Everyday Chatter ever!

Jeremiah Moss said...

it's the manzarek nesting doll that got you, isn't it EVG?

Jeremiah Moss said...

"they're from switzerland" explains it all! i loved seeing that guy around.

esquared™ said...

Unfortunatley, Citi Field Will Still Be Called That, Still"

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm so sad about the peeler man! I stood there for 15 minutes listening to him because he was simply the most charming, magnetic person I've ever come across. I definitely wasn't setting out to buy a carrot peeler that day, but I didn’t have one, and he made shredding those carrots look like magic. The peeler is just as great as he said too. He showed me how to make potato stars with it! I'm so sad to hear that he died. I came across him during my first few days in the city and it was one of the most pleasant, interesting experiences I've had here so far. I felt like I had really met a true New York character, and he will definitely be missed.

eeps. said...

that news about the peeler man is very sad indeed. i've been watching him sell peelers since i was 13.

Susan English Mason said...

Putrid condos, eye sores, cancer.

Jill said...

Your headline that rent laws are fortified is premature. The Assembly passes tenant friendly bills and then the Senate knocks them down. While it's one step forward, let's wait and see if this bill passes the Senate, or how much they try to mutilate it in the process.