Friday, February 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

More signs of the Yunnipocalypse:
-The future of NYC? Worse than 1975
-Big designers like Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson save $$$ by skipping Fashion Week
-Even Sarah Jessica Parker "can't imagine going shopping" right now
-"Polls show bipartisan resentment at the lords of finance who expect continued gilded age rewards after ruining the economy of the Western world."
-To all those swinging dicks, we may be entering "The Testicular Age," marked by "Yin qualities like patience, steadfastness, supportiveness, solidity, stability, reliability, and resourcefulness."

-PLUS! Roy Edroso pens an enticing post-yunnipocalyptic Sex & the City sequel

Mercury Lounge building is up for sale. [Curbed]

St. Marks fixture, DJ Lenny M, that guy who sells mixed hip-hop CDs, has been suddently shuttered. [DBTH]

Worried about the battered Cheyenne? Read this comforting note from the folks who adopted the diner: "We have carefully removed the neon signs, delicate glass blocks and some of the stainless as well as the overhang lighting and booths and stools to protect them during the move. EACH piece has been meticulously labeled with pictures as well to ensure its replacement. This is a dream for us and we intend to restore this diner to it's original 1940's glory!!!!"

If you ever hear anyone actually referring to the Bowery as "The Bowery District," please slap them. [Curbed]

Campaigners for Bloomberg live in the lap of luxury. [NYT]

In parts of Williamsburg, it's still the bad, old days. [SL]

Have a seat with Abe Vigoda at Neil's Coffee Shop. [EVG]

"New Yorkers smell a little smell and they’re getting all paranoid." [NYT]


Anonymous said...

-Even Sarah Jessica Parker "can't imagine going shopping" right now

^ Well good.

Her damage to the image of THE CITY will NEVER be forgiven though.

She can rot and burn in HELL as far as I am concerned.

Jill said...

Blue building ha ha ha ha ha. I need someone to come turn on my lights, I haven't had a light switch in my living room for 3 weeks; we have to get on a ladder and screw the bulbs in and out for light. Just like the old days.

Anonymous said...

it's been said many times in the last few months, but bears repeating...the party is over!