Thursday, February 5, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

More Signs of the Yunnipocalypse:
-Village shop successfully stands strong against Chocolate Tsunami
-Viva Chuck!
-West Broadway is over.
-Thor covers Gordon's Novelty shop with a faux facade, "so we can at least pretend that we are not in deep recession." Reminds me of what they did in the Bronx during the last economic crisis. Remember the urban blight decals?

photo source

More on the sad closure of the Oscar Wilde LGBT bookshop. [NYT]

Poor old 1551 Broadway, where once was HoJo's and the Gaiety, American Eagle has landed on you. [Curbed]

City Room digs up a NYC character, a lady who sells Civil Service books--and may be going under. [CR]

Remembering 172 Stanton, one of the uglier days in LES history. [EVG]

Before and after at Paul's Boutique. [BBoogie]

Nearly ever other window in this block of University between 9th and 10th looks like this:


Barbara L. Hanson said...

I remember when I used to buy from young designers in the neighborhood in the eighties. Fab, creative stuff that one could wear on a daily basis, not just at a faux speakeasy or at the restaurant of the moment (we didn't have either of those down here anyway). And cheaper than most mainstream stores.

Anonymous said...

Update on Ibiza. My wife went in there. They haven't lost their lease at all -- it's all a tasteless ruse. They're using the recession as an excuse to have a winter sale. Nice, right?