Monday, February 9, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

More Signs of the Yunnipocalypse:
-"...bankers who are living on the Upper East Side making $2 or $3 million a year have set up a life for themselves in which they are also at zero at the end of the year"
-Babs Corcoran on the demise of condos: "They're being dumped into the market in droves"
-Condos wobbling like Jenga
-The rich will have to play by new rules

In December I announced the Kim's collection was moving to Sicily, of all places. Now the Times catches up with an in-depth report on the backstory, including that wacky "never-ending festival." [NYT]

There's a big demolition "X" painted on the side of Gregory & Paul's at Coney. [GL]

Alex and Grieve both give their goodbyes to the P&G.

Everyone wants a little piece of Coney Island for their backyard,” except, apparently, much of New York City. [NYT]

The Moondance Diner reopens in Wyoming. [NYDN]

Joe "The Peeler Man" Ades memorialized in Union Square. [Gothamist]

At the Bowery's New Museum, where you can watch drugged women sleep, "everything's tuned to exude that empty, shiny atmosphere." [Restless]

A gripe about the city's possible plan to replace Central Park's carriage horses with antique cars. [GripeBox]


Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Anniversary to everybody who is a fan of the movie THE WARRIORS.

30 years ago today the movie was released in theaters.

Unfortunately I was not alive yet back then.

Anonymous said...

Loving your new signs of the yunnipocolypse feature!

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks boogie!

Anonymous said...

Time for a new term, "Condofreude"?

Jeremiah Moss said...

"condofreude." nice.