Thursday, February 26, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

BoBo's watch gentrification dreams vanish: From the LES to LA, those who hoped gastropubs and boutiques would replace "tattered old businesses" are left to wonder "What happens to bourgeois bohemia when the bourgeois part drops out?" [NYT]

From the same article as above: Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like says, "The economic downturn is good for fringe neighborhoods. It returns the neighborhood to the people who consider themselves to be real residents."

Happy birthday Washington Square Park Blog!

No Starbucks for Gowanus. [GL]

Harlem loses "revitalizing" coffee shop. [Grub]

Candlelight vigil tonight to remember the closure of Our Lady of Vilnius. [OLOV]

The Times reveals the DABA girls (remember them?) consider themselves to be satire. [Gothamist]

A cranky New York character emerges--and he's spray-painting dog shit. [CR]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the NYT story. An illustration that we cannot survive on accessories and cupcakes alone. Be it LA or NYC.

Rutila said...

Miss Heather is going to love the spray-painted dog shit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article!
Thank you for posting!