Monday, February 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

P&G signage carnage? A tipster writes in: "I work across the street from P&G, and I am sorry to announce that there are people removing the signage as we speak..." As reported here in December, they planned to stick around until February. Well, it's February. And as the bartender told me, the sign may be too brittle to take to the new place. Somebody get up there with a camera asap!

Should we worry about the death of shopping malls? [NYT]

Cool map of Starbucks' rise and its relationship to gentrification in New York City. [NYT]

Chelsea Hotel says "ta-ta!" to another manager. [LWL]

The Holiday Cocktail Lounge is expanding its hours--and serving hot wings to football fans. [DBTH]

A RE broker's dreams never die--check out what one imagines for the corner of Lafayette and Great Jones. [EVG]


Ken Mac said...

maybe I will head up later. Went by the Cheyenne yesterday, seems someone pilfered the entire chrome facade, all the stools are gone...what will be left for B-ham I dunno...

Jeremiah Moss said...

let us know what you find, ken. i just came back from checking out the cheyenne. you can hardly recognize the place.

T said...

Too late to get good photos of the P&G; the neon tubing is already down and only the metal casing for the letters remains. I live around the corner and used to stop there every friday on my way out of the subway...sad to see it move up the way to the old Evelyn lounge space.

Ken Mac said...

soon it will Jeremiah's Vanished New York

Anonymous said...

I hate to see the PG go. What a loss.
This is traumatic, I don't feel like hanging out in Manhattan anymore, it's being butchered, there is chinatown left and that's almost going now. Manhattan below 96th is so, so gone.

Please someone explain what is so appealing about these chain stores?
This is Blade Runner, Soylent Green, Demolition Man! UGH