Tuesday, February 24, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Anthony Bourdain blogs about the disappearing city and it's good to see someone else singing the praises of "the spaghetts with red sauce and meatballs in the back dining area at Manganaro's," an under-appreciated treat. [AB]

And on beloved Sophie's, Bourdain says, “I don’t want no wide screens, high-fiving white guys, no fauxhawks or gel heads or hot chicks with douchebags." Now let's hope the TV show doesn't start attracting them. [Grub St.]

First look inside the new McNallified Minetta's. Looks like the walls survived, but I'll save my verdict until I get inside. [Eater]

Peeler Man passes down his craft (and his carrots) to his daughter. [Gothamist]

First the Holland, then the Holiday, now we hear Lucy's may be the next "dive in danger." Hopefully, as two commenters suggest, she's just visiting Poland. [Grub]

More bad news for bitter owners. [Gothamist]

The "rockstar" Ludlow to get a Western Union on its ground floor. Not so sexy. [BB]

Love is different in the boroughs than in Manhattan. [CR]


Anonymous said...

Lucy closes the place when she goes to Poland. Any reason to think that's not what's going on there?

Bob Arihood said...

Jeremiah I saw Lucy last week . Everything seemed fine , though I can't guarantee that they are . Lucy goes to visit members of her immediate family in Poland very often , more than once a year . This is probably where she has gone .Her store rent is such that she can do so . As far as I know she has not had any business problems .

People are probably a little bit too jumpy on this matter of closings .

Jeremiah Moss said...

glad to hear it, bob and shattered--sounds like there's no reason to fret. thanks.

Larvik said...

Gotta say, The Minetta looks fantastic.

L'Emmerdeur said...

Here's my next prediction:

Lots and lots more fires, with stores burning to the ground for insurance money. Why go out of business and lose everything when you can cash out Good-Fellas-style?

I already see the first signs of this trend.

Stefanie Cohen said...

where do you see signs of the Goodfella's fire trend?