Thursday, February 19, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Welfare to Wall Street: Out of work? Finding it hard to stretch that six-figure severance check? Did you "forget" to save some of your income over the past decade? Don't worry, Bloomberg has a handout for you! [NYT]

Bloomberg tells Obama "no thanks," denies out-of-work poor New Yorkers food stamps that might actually help out. I guess we all better pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Except Wall Streeters of course--all they're pulling is a nice handout. [NYT]

Who knew NYC had an "Antenna King"? We do and he says: Even with a digital TV and an HD antenna, if you have tall buildings around you, you will probably get unwatchable reception after the Abominable Upgrade. Can we really afford cable right now? How about lobbying Time Warner to charge $5 a month for rockbottom basic? [NYer]

When the downturn goes bad: the fabulous Gino to shutter? [Eater]

Jill discovers the tragic history of one of my favorite buildings--and one of the last mystery houses of the Lower East Side. [Blah]

Grieve takes a shell-shocked walk through the grim graveyard that used to be Coney Island. [EVG]

HunterG meets a crazy pimped-out hearse in Williamsburg that may become the "It Car" of the new Depression. [HG]

Best sterilization autoclave? In gold glitter? Now that's the kind of ad copy that makes me want to run in for a mani-pedi right now!


Anonymous said...

love it! bloomberg the autoclave the hearse - everything - BN

floyd5591 said...

That's Jimmy Duff's Hearse - of Duff's Heavy Metal Bar fame - Great Guy, btw.

mingusal said...

Y'know, I wasn't as anti-Bloomberg as some people here, but despite his claim that we need him now more than ever, he's actually perhaps the worst possible mayor for a recession/depression. Gotta love the modern-day workhouse approach to feeding poor people. "Work virtuously (and for free) lest ye starve" says the master of the universe to the hungry people increasingly lining his estate's roads.

Anonymous said...

The Antenna King has the greatest signage. It's one of the highlights of going to visit my mother in Brooklyn.

Jill said...

I am not exaggerating or kidding when I tell you that I had a pang of near death heartburn as I read the NYT article about Bloomberg and his job program. Gotta break out the Nexium for this Depression.

Jo said...

You have a great blog. I love New York. I hate seeing great cities being turned into Disney World. Look what has happened to Vegas!

And thank you for alerting me about the site that is publishing my posts! Who are they?

Anonymous said...

I fear this may be the year when we actually see people dying in the streets.
usually the NYPD does their best to shuttle the dead away before the masses leave for work.
that's the same reason why the homeless intake centers are outside of Manhattan. as if, manhattan does not have any homeless people.
out of sight, out of mind.

Traff said...

Love that Marc Jacobs concept. Bloomberg's perverted Robin Hood approach (steal from the poor to give to the rich...) is bizarre to say the least

The bloggah said...

The wonderful thing about NYC is that she is constantly changing, but the more it thrills me, the more it saddens me. I left NYC just over a year ago to live in the Capital of the South, but I still long for her warm people and cutting edge philosophy. Mama is calling me home, and I think I need to stop in and say hello.

Anonymous said...

this mayor has to lose in the next election if he's on the ballot.
he truly is looking out for the rich and only the rich.
I don't want to go into details but now that the economy is in a mess,
he's extra protective of the rich.
making sure the masses won't revolt.