Friday, September 26, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

More news in the study of narcissistic disorder among us: Facebook a bastion. [SciBlog]

Just stumbled upon a cool blog: Check out The Bridges of NYC.

Enjoy the latest installment of lost city photos from Alex in NYC. [FP]

Someone has decorated the former Chocolate Bar windows in the Village. What do Obama and little Nicholas Bradford have to do with each other? Eight is Enough! Get it? Say NO to McSame and the Mean Girl:

Yesterday, 100s of Bailout protesters piled crap under the ass-end of Wall Street's ballsy bull--it was all about bullshit. [NYMag video]

Grieve's got the scoop on the protest and much more from Wall Street, tracking the events of the past week with its "giddy undercurrent." [EVG]

Why $700 billion for the bailout? Just cuz it's supersized, says the US Treasury. [CR]

photo: majickthise flickr

"Unschooling" is what city moms do instead of home-schooling--it means staying up late in Soho bars, sleeping late so mom can work on her novel, and playing in the mud while the parents drink beer. [Gawker]

Avalon just wants to give back to the community, they say about their plans for Extra Place. [Curbed] ...Possible uses for this city-owned site will be discussed at the October 7 CB3 meeting, 6:30pm, 333 Bowery. Let them know what you want done with Extra Place.

Hope springs eternal--Second Ave subway, connecting the Upper East and Wall Street to the LES, may never, ever happen. [Gothamist]

Meet the lovely Lenny of Something Special. [GVDP]

Get your Irish up at the Butcher Block with BaHa. [SE]


Anonymous said...

Well, the fact that you never posted my comment yesterday at least confirms what I've always believed - you're just another narcissistic fraud. People who know, know. You can keep fooling all the others.

Jeremiah Moss said...

hmm, that's funny. i didn't delete any comments yesterday. maybe you forgot where you left it. check again.

Anonymous said...

Hey JM....
You know I always get my quills up when you put in some parenting content, but that Bad Moms Club item? -- holy crap! Talk about narcissism! Right there with ya on that one. Pathetic.

Keep up the good work as alays.

And let me just plug my latest addition of lost city pics:

Jeremiah Moss said...

hard to argue with that one.

plug away--will add the link to the post, too.

Anonymous said...


I was reading your article on the Condopocalypse. Have you ever actually been to any of the condos that allegedly house the types of people that you seem to hate so very much? I don't mean super-luxury condos like Sculpture for Living. I mean the kinds of new condos that have gone up in and around Brooklyn and less exclusive places in Manhattan in recent years. I'm guessing you have not.

Well, I live in one. I know lots of people who live in these condos all over Brooklyn. These buildings are filled with the very people you so wish would live in these buildings in a post-Condopocalyptic world -- "working class families, artists, small business owners, novelists, filmmakers, teachers, nurses, PhD students, a few trust-funders trying to make it on their own." I'm sure we have a good smattering of lawyers, iBankers, and the like -- but at the end of day who cares what these people do? Do you really think that every artist or poet is a nicer, kinder, more caring neighbor than every Wall Street broker out there? An asshole is an asshole is an asshole. They come from all professions and financial situations.

Again, I guess I just don't understand why a seemingly intelligent person like yourself would paint with such a wide brush and rail out against the entire populations of people currently living in new condos. Like I said, I'll venture to guess that you've never befriended any of these people or visited any of their buildings. Your anger and aggravation are fueled by prejudice associated with stereotypes that you then apply to everyone with one big sweeping swoosh of the brush. It's the same mentality as racial profiling, and I'm sure you'd be the first one speaking out against that.

So what gives? You seem to blame all of the wrong people with your misguided anger, and then you clone your beliefs into the minions who visit your site and take everything you say at face value. Just like Jim Jones handing out the Kool-Aid. And so starts the vicious cycle, churning up people who have nothing to do with the actual problems you rail out against.

But why should you care? There's no accountability in blogging, is there? If there were, we wouldn't need real journalists now would we?

It would be nice to see you actually post a thoughtful article on these issues, rather than always taking the low road trying to manipulate everyone with so much fricken' BS.

Ken Mac said...

the lost city shots made my freaking day! excalibur! stand and deliver!

Ken Mac said...

all these half ass, whining, cash worshipping, anonymous bloggers. Leave you a holes

Jeremiah Moss said...

anon 2:35, i'm sure you're correct that there are many good people living in new condos. i don't doubt it.

what i hope for, wish for, is a diverse city open to all who have the guts to live here--the guts, not just the wallets. and that is clearly spelled out in my condo-pocalypse post.

i wonder why you endow me with so much power. do you honestly believe i'm that influential?

Anonymous said...

I moved into a coop in Park Slope and one Christmas it was snowy and I left my shoes outside my door--and there came a knock on the door--with a disapproving face saying "that looks awful"".These people are assholes and so far from human beings--they truly suck. I became Vice Pres of the Coop Board just to monitor them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure which type of yunnie is more insufferable - the kind that makes no effort to hide their elitism who gloats about their wealth and status and shoves it in the faces of us hoi polloi or those like 2:35 who put on the poor mouth and parrot the tried and true "We're people too" overture. Probably the latter - at least the former aren't being deceitful or disingenuous. Although it certainly is a curious exhibition every time one of them tries to feign humanity and pretend to have feelings that have been injured like 2:35 over there, like any of them care what the commoners think about them anyway.

There are no working class people living in those swanky new condos. Not unless you use John McCain's definition of the term.