Friday, September 5, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Just a week after my visit to Nom Wah tea parlor on Doyers, the Department of Health has shut them down. Hopefully, this is temporary. Either this happens all the time, or it's going to begin happening all the time--now that the Joneses have moved onto the Bloody Angle. [LC]

Astroland dies this weekend? I'm blocking it out of my mind. [Curbed]

It's about time we had a cupcake backlash in this town. [Times]

Lone holdout keeps fighting the good fight against Columbia's effed-up use of eminent domain. [NYO]

The next Slacktivist Donut Social is happening tonight--and it's going to be as quiet as a vacuum cleaner. [NMNL]  ...unlike the NFL Kickoff Concert, and that illegal, unpermitted, very loud concert from last month. But football and fashion shows are really important, right?

Hey LES, here's your 9 millionth boutique hotel. [Curbed]

David's Bagels has left the building after 21 years. How soon before the rest of the block will follow? [Blah] via [EVG]

The Paris Theatre turns 60--and still TV-commercial free! [Times]

Sept 14: The Brooklyn Book Fest will be loaded with New Yorkers who actually still give a shit about books. [VV]

Here's the Edgar Oliver Goodie that Romy commented about in this week's Carlton Arms post--see his 10th Street show at Axis, starting Sept 25.


Unknown said...

Not that I'm happy about the closing of David's Bagels, but I never found them to be very good. Unfortunately, it will most likely be replaced with something horrific.

Anonymous said...

I come back from two weeks at the Jersey Shore and you tell me Nom Wah is shut down? Sigh. That was the first place where I attempted chopsticks. I always went there when on jury duty, and almost always ran into someone I knew. Damn, that happy vacation feeling is ebbing quickly.
And I can't even begin to tink about Astroland. Damn, damn, damn.

Anonymous said...

holy moly, I think you're correct, JM.
I think someone may of tipped off the DOH because fashion week is coming and they don't want all the garbage that will be left out for nightly pickup.
At night, it's garbage from the Vietnam restuarant and Nom wah.

Anonymous said...

Not only do I tink, I occasionally think, too.

ee said...

Since I don't have my own blog, flickr, twitter, or tumblr account, this is what Rev. Billy was handing out yesterday. If you would be kind enough to post this in your blog (and ask others to re-post this in their blogs).