Friday, September 12, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

In making my Bowery Tsunami map last night, I noticed some changes to the Cooper Union "Hive" building. It's become more undulating, more bulbous, more wacky. Here's the architect's rendering from March and then today:

Everything you might want to know about the Donut Riot. [Villager]

Don't miss Pickle Day--hurry, before every last well-preserved treat is removed from Orchard Street. [EVG]

Vesuvio Bakery closed for renovations--it is missed and rumors say it may never reopen. [Eater]

Enjoy the "21" Club of old with Burt Lancaster. [HG]

This weekend: Watch ladies in pink dance worshipful, "Unison Fetish" circles with Magnolia cupcakes on Bleecker. [cupcakes] via [esquared]

I'm pretty sure they're on our side:

Luxury buildings secure NYC's Joneses in suburban-style gated communities. [Observer]

The final days of 12th Street Books are upon us. Before they move to Brooklyn, fill up a bag for just 5 bucks:


Unknown said...

12 Street Books is gone. They moved today and will be open in Brooklyn (I believe on Atlantic) as of Monday.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn's gain is definitely our loss.