Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Mike Albo spies "pencils that have been chewed by the celebrated TriBeCan writer Max Blagg on sale for $25 each" at the new J. Crew store (in a former bar that was a liquor store). [Times]

...and take a look back when J. Crew Liquor store was an actual liquor store:

Unearthed! The pool where Esther Williams once swam for Fox Movietone, long buried beneath Sony BMG's soundstage on 54th, now demolished for another condo tower. [Avatar]

Back to Doyers, where the battle for Chinatown rages on: Says Apotheke partner, “I’d like to maintain authenticity while I’m at the same time gentrifying.” Another says only the neighborhood natives have a right to complain. Exactly why we all must speak up. [TO] via [Eater]

More on the David's Bagels closure backlash. [Gothamist]

The EV fights back against bars--The Box and more denied liquor licenses. [Eater] & [SLES]

At Philippe Starck's appropriately nicknamed "yoo" condo tower, a fiddler fiddles while Wall Street burns. [EVG]

On the new Yankee Stadium: "the lettering 'Yankee Stadium' behind home plate is gold leaf. Its glass windows, which workers inside were cleaning with squeegees, are shiny and reflective like an office tower’s." [Times]

Business is tough in the Kingdom of Teacups. [Times]

On the new pixelated Rubik's Cube known as 56 Leonard: "it is another step in the transformation of Tribeca into Triburbia, where nannies push strollers by day and black towncars idle at night. Manhattan as stage set for wealthy foreigners and tourists."[TM] via [Curbed]

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Ken Mac said...

re the demise of Sony's west side studios, where I interviewed many bands and attended a few live tapings: This town dissapears block by block, no placards, no statues, no memories. It's like it's greatness never existed. The only thing that seems to maintain a prescence in NYC is the almigthy BUCK. History, culture, romance, beauty, be damned, the past doesn't exist nor is cared for here. and down we go.