Thursday, September 18, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

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On 14th and 6th, the Asian-chain takeover continues as New York's first Cookout Grill has opened, complete with a Korean caveman mascot made of (slightly obscene) balloons. Wakamaru, eat your heart out:

The end of Chinatown is at hand--as the Times declares it on gentrification's cusp and the owner of Girls Love Shoes says “It’s crazy how things are blossoming here. It’s definitely becoming a little mecca.” [EVG]

Bowery, get ready for the coming of "Pastis East." [BBoogie]

Why I now feel ashamed to admit I live in the EV. The new stereotype: It's the home of "Snotty...Rich people who come from a rich family." [TONY]

Jefferson Market needs your help:

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