Tuesday, September 23, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Bye-bye Batemans: "Wall Street hotshots were never beloved figures on New York’s cultural landscape. It’s no coincidence that the protagonists of books and movies like 'The Bonfire of the Vanities' and 'American Psycho' tended to be narcissistic jerks, or worse." Says one hotshot post-crash: "This is definitely going to suck the fun out of the industry." [Times]

Wall Streeters turn to God as money fails them. Says one Reverend, "People are just sitting there, praying or crying and definitely exhausted." [Reuters]

(Upscale) strippers going broke since market crashed--maybe there's hope for old dive joints, like defunct Billy's Topless and the Baby Doll, to make a comeback. [EVG]

The bright side: "maybe Manhattan will become affordable again, and cool, and dangerous. Dangerous in theory, but not to you or your family and friends. Dirty, but in a good way." [NYer] via [EVG]

From tipster Reed, the once Bohemian and iconic Cafe Figaro is now officially one among America's 9 million Qdoba Mexican Grills:

The branding of New York City "has had negative effects on the diversity and the affordability of the city; the dynamic mix of the economic base of the city; and the resilience of the city in response to crisis, because it’s so dependent now on finance, real estate and tourism." [Times]

Bye-bye Bratz: "The Bratz dolls, a frequent target of those who bemoan the hyper-sexualization of young girls, have taken another hit." [Times]

"The Bowery is nightlife... where New Yorkers can sip expensive drinks and still step over the homeless who are sleeping outside the Mission. It's faux authenticity that the youth crave. The Bowery. Shudder." [DBTH]

In the tanking economy, Brooklyn's mom and pops survive by slashing prices and "treating their customers like family." [NYDN]

Borough Park's Dairy Luncheonette gives you a "that old, homey feeling." [NYDN]


Anonymous said...

Still can't believe Cafe Figaro is really gone.

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe Wall Street is really gone.

Anonymous said...

somewhere, hugo, some hedge-funder who suddenly has a lot of free time on his hands is right now launching a bizarro-world version of this blog, where they lament the shuttering of wherever the fuck hedgefunders used to hang out.

the comments will all say, "aw, shit, that place was the fuckin' shit, bro," and once in a while someone will quote dane cook.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i have to say, i kind of love that idea about the bizarro "vanishing NY" blog. i hope someone actually does it.

Anonymous said...

I dread walking to the corner where Figaro used to be and seeing a shitty chain in it's place, especially since I've been learned more and more about Cafe Figaro's history. I may throw up. But the tides are definitely turning... These are interesting times... The party is finally over for those who hate NYC. Their whirl-wind of destruction may finally have fizzled out. What influence will they have when they are BROKE/under investigation for FRAUD? I would love to see a website about their vanishing New York. It would so such a victory for the rest of us who have loved New York through this long, heartbreaking time, and who have been trying to keep it’s soul alive against the toughest push to make it disappear in a very long time. And all to make it “habitable” for the highest class crooks the suburbs have to offer! Oh man, how great would their website be… Especially when they come to the realization they have to RENT if they want to stay in the city because they can’t buy their 4 million dollar glass condo… hahahaha!

slr said...

tara, you are a communist loser wanna- be. wishing others harm because they have more $ than you?? hello chairman mao. in addition it may serve you to learn more about the world @ large. hedge fund people have so much $ they can live where they want. they are free people, as $ will set you free. they do not need places to hang out, as the entire world is open for them. & they do not think about "you". there is no difference between wall street or white house criminals. its one of the same.