Monday, September 22, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Angry drunk guys from Jersey ran their car over the Tompkins Square farmer's market--maybe it was the same jerks who got kicked out of Momofuku. Nah, plenty of jerks to go around... [NMNL]

SLA renews Beatrice Inn's liquor license against community protest and CB denial: "'Advise us on how to get rid of this place,' pleaded one aghast neighbor." [NYO]

"Over the last two years, news accounts across the country have chronicled the death or serious injury of people who walk into traffic while texting." Fewer texters to annoy the rest of us. [Times]

Gas station owner to Columbia U: “This business is like part of my family. Money is not everything. You don’t sell your children.” [Times]

Enjoying the new anti-condo sticker-itti on the LES. [EVG]

Looking for a "Kill Your Landlord" T-shirt? You found it! [Blah]

Next at bat: Goodbye Shea Stadium. [BBs]


Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that that texting girl clearly DOES have the right of way. Speaking as someone who's too broke to ride in cabs and thus only experiences them as a daily threat to my existence.

Anonymous said...

This Columbia University eminent domain scares me shitless. I feel for those gas station owners and hope they don't ruin their health in this fight. It tarnishes Columbia's image beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Love the LES "sticker-itti"! Wish they'd do it all over the city!