Monday, November 19, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Jade Mountain has lost its beautiful neon sign. First they painted it black, now they've removed the sign. The Chow Mein pink neon still stands--but where has Jade Mountain gone?

Photographer Fred McDarrah died. This was over a week ago, but I just found out. He did great work, a real chronicler of the Village scene in mid-century, and he was a nice guy, too. [NYT Obit] [NPR] [Voice]

The Bronx is tearing down gorgeous Queen Annes with wraparound porches to replace them with lawnless Fedders boxes--and they're doing it at breakneck speed. Who are we? [Forgotten NY]

Despite neighbors' protestations, the Trump Soho continues to rise and armor itself in a reflective sheath of dark glass.

As Varvatos moves to the Bowery, Debbie Harry recalls, "I think it's not a romantic place for me anymore... There were so many great opportunities for artists and young people. We could be paupers and still have a great time." Not anymore. [Voice]

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