Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Another luxe tower is coming to 4th and Bowery! On Thursday 11/8 at 6:45 pm, Community Board 2 will hold hearings on a 16-story building that is being proposed to rise across from BBar, up from the landmarked Tredwell Skidmore building. Go give 'em hell at the NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, room 520.

The Oculus is rising...does any condo have a creepier, more sinister Orwellian name?

Read coverage of a discussion on the book New York Calling and gentrification in NYC. John Strausbaugh steals the show as he says things like "the city as a cultural engine has been killed by what’s going on.” [City Room]

Now the city is selling off our public libraries to luxury hoteliers. Last I checked, these things kind of belonged to the, um, public. [Curbed]

Help empower Jim Power, the Mosaic Man who fled the EV for Brooklyn--and now has a roof over his head. [NMNL]

Morgan Spurlock's What Would Jesus Buy with Reverend Billy premieres at Cinema Village 11/16.

The 100 W. 18th condo gives birth to yet another bank--and this baby is big, taking up nearly half a block in each direction:

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Greg said...

The building on 4th & Bowery looks great, at least. Contextual and classic.