Thursday, November 29, 2007

*Random Shots

The Apple Store in the landmarked Western Beef building is getting ready for its Dec 7 opening, but the most interesting part of the building (to me, anyway) is this odd sign for World Examining Works. The name comes up at another address in a 1930 directory and may have been a cloth sponging works. If anyone knows more, do tell.

More glass for Balazs...

...less meat scraps for the seagulls, here seen hunting for remnants between Balasz and Von Furstenberg.

I found this photo in a great flickr stream, everystreetinmanhattan: Here's what used to be before the Cooper Square Hotel knocked down the block:


Anonymous said...

Do you get to watch the gap tidings yunnies survive on nothing to eat or drink except gap clothing for days on end? Fun!

Jeremiah Moss said...

when i first saw the truck i thought, oh goodie, one of those living window marketing stunts, as you suggest, where some desperate person has to pee in bucket behind a folding screen and eat lots of ramen noodles -- but sadly it was not so.

Anonymous said...

You know, that glass box thing the yunnies were playing in made me think of something the yunnies have in their new condo developments on Roosevelt Island (six so far, at least ten eventually, probably more in the end)-Common Rooms! On the ground floor with big windows! It's very strange to see these kids just sitting in there in the evenings, typing on their laptops, not saying a word to each other.
They have their birthday parties there too. In fact, they hold all kinds of functions that are traditionally done in the privacy of one’s home.
Passing by, I often wonder, why the hell don’t they go up to their apartments? They're LUXURY, after all!
Though of course, since they do seem to share a strangely trend-dependent, adolescent-type culture (for adults anyway), I guess they feel more comfortable that way, sitting around with their fellows like they're still in the NYU dorm or something. Most of them seem to be stuck emotionally in that part of life anyway.

Oh, and about that girl doing the sexual stuff in the box. I must put the question to you, what on earth else would a yunnie girl do? On the whole, I’m surprised those kids kept it as clean as they did, considering the kinds of things they put on their MySpace pages, but then maybe it was the cold weather.

Wonderful article as always!

Sam said...

I think if they want us to watch them so badly, maybe that's exactly what we should do.

Perhaps we could get a group together and go on a sightseeing tour of these buildings as if we were going to the zoo.

I mean do it earnestly as if we were really going to the zoo, with popcorn and sodas. Just stand on the sidewalks in a group and watch them do whatever it is they do.

If they want to put on a show so badly, let's take them up on the free entertainment.

Who's with me?