Friday, November 2, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Joey of Curbed's comic-book rendering of condo Yves' promotional materials. [Curbed]

To update the ongoing saga at 18th and 8th: They listened to the neighbor's notes and took down their crappy barriers. Now the neighbors, along with the hordes of high-schoolers, are back to enjoying a seat on the condo's ledge:

East Village artist, fixture, symbol, etc., Mosaic Man Jim Power has abandoned us for Brooklyn. Says the Voice: "The demise of New York City is a death by a thousand cuts." [Voice]

Although they warned me to avert my eyes, I still looked. If you're squeamish you might not want to click this link to see a gruesome photo of Gertel's Bakery being destroyed to make room for more condos. [Curbed]

Coincidentally, I was just the other day taking pictures of this gutted building and wondering what was up -- a giant hotel, that's what. If anyone knows any history of this building on the corner of (I think) 13th and 4th, please let me know:


Anonymous said...

Everything about that W. 18th Street condo is so self-contained, self-referential--in a word, narcissistic--I hope Curbed gives us more installments of what should be called "All About Yves." And although I can't be positive without driving past it again in the cab, the address suggests the soulless condo tower which replaced a charming little Italian restaurant, where during the summer they would screen movies against the wall of the courtyard.

Anonymous said...

That gutted building you mention had a dance studio upstairs for a long time, and there was a nice shoe repair shop on the ground floor. The shoe repairman, fortunately, got a new spot not far away. There was a dental place, too. Hank O'Neal mentions it in his issue of Goodie magazine, because he lives right behind it and he'll lose his view.

L'Emmerdeur said...

The dental place was a Britesmile branch, and was not there for long.