Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Shots

Here's that $4,000 robotic hawk the anti-pigeon powers are, um, hawking. Kind of cute, in a robot sort of way:

In Village Paper's window, the Zagat guide bursts out of this guy's gut like Ridley Scott's Alien. Did they mean to conjure a metaphor of murderous viral invasion -- or was it something he ate?

This poster for Save St. Brigid renders the threatened East Village church under a creeping, tarry black ooze that looks a lot like the evil Cooper Square Hotel. An inspired dark vision of the future.

Graffiti on banks! The trying-to-be-trendy East Village North Fork says "Graff Is Money" and the new condo/Valley National at 18th and 8th gets its cherry popped with its first graffiti, thanks to one Misz Bubblez Bytch, who says, "Fuck 18 street" and, while you're at it, "Fuck ya bytches" [sic] too.

The construction shroud has come off the new Apple Store in the Meatpacking District. I thought they'd have some neato, gee-whiz, like, super-powered robots under here. What exactly were they hiding?

Free Cell on 2nd and St. Mark's has been evicted. I can't say I'm crying. Cell phones are the bane of my existence and I won't miss the guy who used to bark "Free cell! Free cell!" while trying to force a flyer on me every time I walked by. But I do wonder what fresh hell will replace the joint, especially now that there's a scaffold around the building.

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