Tuesday, November 20, 2007

*Random Shots

According to a tipster on the scene, about 35 people showed up for last night's protest of the Cooper Square Hotel and its plans to add 3 new bars, including a 200-person capacity outdoor entertainment venue. "It's gone too far," they chanted, "not another bar!" Was anybody listening? (See more protest pics on flickr.) Update: Eater's got video.

At Astor Place, as one mega-chain goes out, another comes in next door. Given the choice, I'll take the B&N over the Walgreens (or the David Barton gym that's coming) any day. And look, Walgreens has escalators, how exciting, just like the Kmart across the street!

Speaking of fancy-pants gyms, I love it when yuppies attack each other. And here's one in the East Village taking a piss on another one's Lexus:

Getting more glass, condo Yves continues to turn fishtank green:

The abandoned Bamboo House cat is available for adoption at Social Tees. Says his rescuer, "He's very sweet, but a little sad right now." He also smells like egg roll. Kidding. His teeth have been cleaned, he's been neutered, and tested negative. Why not take home a warm little souvenir of our vanishing New York?

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Rambler said...

Re: the B&N closing for the Walgreens. I had the same feeling when one of the older Starbucks in the city closed to make way for another HSBC Bank. Of course, before I could feel too bad, another one opened a block away so I just got mad again.

I do wonder how all these banks, Duane Reeds, etc. stay in business