Tuesday, November 6, 2007

10th Street Baths Facelift

So far this week is turning out to be Extreme Makeover: The Vanishing New York edition, so here's one more. The 10th Street Baths is also sporting a tight new facelift.

I was walking down 10th Street this weekend when I saw this and thought, "Another bathhouse I've never seen before?" Until I realized where I was. Very disorienting. This feels like a municipal building in, I don't know, Cleveland?

While I do like the attempt to give the bathhouse an old look with that carved stone front, I find the whole building incredibly stark, cold, and blah. Especially with that crapalicious new apartment/condo next door. I miss the warm brick, the red stone stairs, the brown wooden door with its braided details and tile fanlight.

I think they also changed the ventilation system. Always, when you walked by, you got a strong and intoxicating lungfull of eucalyptus. Now, nothing.

pic of former facade from flickr

And for posterity, here's what the bathhouse looked like way before. This photo is untitled and I can't be positive it's 10th Street, but there is a hint of that braided door just discernible in the shadows. I love the signage here--you just don't see the word "chiropodist" enough these days.

photo from Naked City by Weegee


Anonymous said...

that old pic makes me have a visceral reaction - like I can smell steam and vodka - the new one I feel nothing. an unceremonious entry.

Greg said...

Did not come out well. Most unfortunate.

The Paris Apartment said...

Thanks for this. It really sparked a lot of conversation. Are they closing it and making condos? I feel sick. That exterior is hideous. Especially with the air conditioners.

Rosie said...

I lived on the F.D.R.Drive,my friends and I would walk up to school that way,it was a mystery to us,why don't they take a bath at home we wondered.Brings back memories,those innocent conversations.