Monday, November 5, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

I saw this story on the news last night about the woman who left her $10,000 dogs tied by their Louis Vuitton leashes to a scaffold pole while she ate dinner and the dogs were stolen. She said on camera (I am paraphrasing), "People always tell me not to leave them tied up like that, because they could get stolen, but this is a safe--I mean, well--I still think that won't happen here." Maybe she and my unchained-bike girl should chat. [NYDN]

God, I want one of these cell-phone jammers. It's a fantasy come true. How could you ever feel guilty for it? Someone start lobbying to make these legal, please. [NYT]

In sad news, Norman Schapiro, owner of LES Schapiro Wines, has died. "His wife, Linda Schapiro, said yesterday that the fate of the business is undecided in the wake of his death." Time to stock up for the holidays. [Loho]

Lotus Lounge may be closed for good--did they finally fold under Starbucks' pressure? Some may remember, Lotus was opened by the guys who used to run Biblio's, which closed in the mid-90s after serving as a venue for NYC poets--many of the same folks who now frequent Bowery Poetry Club. [Eater]

Park Slope loses another indie bookstore. Lost City asks whether Slopers are truly literary and Brownstoner's commenters supply some insight, as many (not all) say good riddance to a shop that they found (1) too dusty, (2) didn't cater to kids, and (3) didn't have enough magazines. I guess that answers Lost City's question about the literary quality of many Slopers. [Lost City]


Anonymous said...

"They're my life. They're everything to me. They're my children." So said the Scrores stripper about her Malteses. Should we assume then that Ms. Rojas, the East Side ecdysiast, would see no problem in tying two infants to a parking meter--in 50 degree weather--at night--while she leisurely partook of Sofrito's arroz con calamares?

Anonymous said...

That comment about Park Slope is why I stay at home whenever I'm in Park Slope. My favorite comment on this attitude is a clipping from the Onion on the Naidre's tip jar about "maximum age for children in strollers raised to 8 in Park Slope." Something like that. Anyway, yeah, order me one of those cell phone jammers too. And while you are at it, buy me tickets to that dog fight where those particular beasts are ripped apart.

Sorry, it's been a long day... it's not the dogs' fault. It's the owner's, as usual.