Thursday, July 28, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Check out the documentary on the defunct Chinatown Fair. [BB]

Mars Bar demolition has begun. [EVG]

Google's NYC headquarters are styled in the exquisite corpse of dead New York. [AMNY]

A new take on the urban bookmobile. [Curbed]

Uniqlo-sponsored High Line skating rink moves in where 10th Ave Tire Shop used to do business. [Racked]

Fran Lebowitz: "Real estate is all people in New York think about. Except now, we also think about bedbugs. So here we have this combination of really expensive real estate—with bedbugs! That didn’t even exist. I never even heard of it. It was like something from the 19th century. Who could have predicted the return of bedbugs? So, perhaps, there will be a return of movie theaters like the Elgin."

A look at New York's superhero history. [BBs]


maximum bob said...

Wow, great article by Marty.
Douchebaggery abounds.
Huh, even the frigging bartender is
hynotized by his little digital toy.
They're like little babies fascinated by blinking lights.

Jennifer said...

Fran Lebowitz needs a blog of her own... does she have one? If not please let her guest here. Her comments are insightful and sprinkled with a little of the old NYC sarcasm that I love.

Media glut said...

Well, I saw Brand X at the Elgin in 1970. I think it would be a prefect place for bedbugs.