Monday, July 18, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Poor Rockaway. First we hear that the "boardwalk is the new Bedford Avenue," now condo sellers are putting out the call directly to hipsters in The Wave: "Be on the cusp of the new Williamsburgh [sic]!"

Ray is officially an American citizen. [Villager]

The epic tale of 7 1/2, 9, and 11 Second Avenue, where Mars Bar and a whole lot of history is about to fall. [NYT]

Older Chelsea residents don't like being gawked at by High Line walkers, "People take pictures and wave at you when you're alone in your home. It's voyeuristic, and there's zero privacy." But the young folks love it. [Curbed]

"A plan to save the working waterfront from the encroachment of pretty things in Bloomberg's New York." [CNY]

Who fits into "our vision" for Coney Island--and who doesn't? [NYT]

Check out History Pin--a map with old pictures attached to it.

Chinatown's street vendors are being kicked out from under the Manhattan Bridge by the NYPD. [Gothamist]

What's coming to 14th between 2nd and 3rd? [EVG]

Checking in with LES Jewels. [NMNL]

Get your genuine Coney Island kittens. [ATZ]


esquared™ said...

speaking of blog birthdays, 4 months from your first post -- you had predicted and explained this [re: high line walkers]

[they] all long to be seen, recognized

you are a saint and a poet, jm, a prophet

do any human beings [esp. the yunnies]ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute

no, saints and poets, maybe--they do some
(our town)

maximum bob said...


sr said...

these links are too depressing to read @this moment. but "ATTENTION HIPSTERS'??? how tacky can you get? as for chinatown, im scared to look as the area is my favorite of all downtown east. & for the people in chelsea, get shades, roman shades. people are disgusting. later for commentary, this all sound like an obstruction of justice.

Marty Wombacher said...

How pathetic that they don't even know how to spell, "Williamsburg."

Jeremiah Moss said...

esquared, thanks for digging that one up. saint, poet, prophet? i don't know...but none of them pay the rent!

snuggle bunny said...

I'm a little sick and tired of Jewels being held up like some kind of folk hero. He's a nasty, crusty, smelly, violent drunk and drug addled piece of shit who thinks that his folk hero status gives him leave to play "OOOOGABOOGA!" at anyone in non crusty attire.
Hey, guess what, fuckface? You're not the boogeyman, and I'm not a transplant. I will punch you in the face. And I'm dressed like this because I have a job, and my taxes pay for your fucking benefits. I've been living here all 30 years of my life, you can please hurry up and drop dead already.

Please stop glorifying this asshole. He and the rest of the filth in TSP do nothing to add to the "charm" of the "old neighborhood" feel we're trying to preserve. They're just trouble, and all they're good for is making my 5' tall sister nervous when she's walking her dog. We could do without the trials and tribs of Jewels & crew--when someone doesn't do anything but get stoned in the hood and piss all over it, we should be equally angry at them whether they're in khakis and a popped polo or crusty gear.