Tuesday, July 26, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Have we lost CHOW MEIN forever? [EVG]

Hipsters in the Hamptons--they're called "Hampsters" and they have their own shelf at Bookhampton bookshop. [NYer]

"It's as if there's some unwritten regulation that every corner of the city, from Times Square to Coney Island, must have an Apple store and a Shake Shack. And people seem to want this sameness everywhere. We've become a city of people afraid of originality and the unknown, like tourists who go to Paris and eat at Burger King." [AMNY]

Joe Liberatore, "the last of the original 117 food merchants who first opened in 1940" on Arthur Avenue, has passed away. [Grub]

What's it like to get old in NYC? [Restless]

Read all about the original "Panorama of New York City, a 3,000-foot-long painting depicting the streets, residents, and sights of lower Manhattan." [CP]


maximum bob said...

On W34 St between Eighth and Seventh
Ave there is K-Mart, with a pedestrian walk way connecting
34 and 33 St.
When I first moved to NYC in the
late 70's, there was no KMart there, however, there used to be a chinese
restaurant with a fantastic old school Chow Mein neon sign there.
Walking past it on a rainy night, it was very noirish.
Does anyone remember this, or even better yet, have a photo?

chris flash said...

You gets no bread with one meatball....

Randall said...

That quote by Jeff Rosen associated with the I store/shake shack story is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. What they ought to do is open an I store/shake shack in westchester then all the kids won't even have to go as far as GCT. Really?!?!?!?! How does that dude have a job saying stuff like that. On the other hand maybe it will act like a fly trap and keep all the yunnies in one place.

Sean said...


Jean Shepherd warned about Creeping Meatballism in 1957!

David D. Ashby said...

LES meatballs shops are for those people who loves to eat this kind of stuff.Specially those kids at school,and so,as far as I know they do offer kids menus for after class munchies.