Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

A message to the yuppies of the LES on St. Mark's Place:

Romy runs into a persistent shoe fetishist--and also, maybe, the Queen of Holland. [WIC]

How will the new owners renovate the Hotel Chelsea? [Curbed]

Watch the NYPD detonate a bunch of illegal fireworks. [BB]

The second-story businesses of 6th Avenue. [LC]

"New York City used to be a city of art, music and culture. It's become a place where you either have money or you don't and if you don't--fuck off. It's come to that and it's disgusting! The city has lost its edge. I look at the big picture. Everyone has been dumbed-down to not thrive to be an artist." [NC]

Vintage video about bookmobiles and Brooklyn. [BK'ology]

A silver superhero gets trashed at Mars Bar. [TGL]

LES Jewels' penis not allowed on Facebook. [EVG]

Yesterday's sunset was pretty great. [Gothamist]

A walkabout at Edgemere. [NYS]


Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

New York is dead. There's no point in discussing it further or even coming back to this room or others. What a waste it has been. But it lives in my books and writings. Adios...

Lambda Literary Awards Winner

Anonymous said...

what's the next mars bar though