Wednesday, July 20, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

On why we shouldn't miss Mars Bar: it was "such a dump that it's safe to say that 99% of the people who are partaking in this outpouring of emotion probably never even went to the bar." [Eater]

"Mars Bar was proof that the New York of old-timer lore really did exist, and there was a sense that once it was gone, that would be the end." [Grub]

10 indie bookstores you could be buying books from. [Racked]

Has the backlash to "artisanal" and "curated" finally begun? [Grub]

More meatballs for the East Village. [EVG]

If at first you don't succeed, keep trying new concepts. The cafe on 13th and 6th began as Maximo Pino. In March it became Rockography, a "Hard Rock" kind of knock-off, but only for about 15 seconds. Now it's been totally renovated as the Blitz! Brasserie.

More from the candlelight vigil for Mars Bar. [NMNL]

Check out Sid Grossman's 1940s street photography. [ENY]

What does a summer fratboy party in the Hamptons look like? [NYO]

Hope for NYC: Starbucks altercations, latent crackheads, and more. [Restless]


Crazy Eddie said...

‘Thrill’ in the Hamptons--The Horror... The Horror... Exterminate All the Brutes.

Sorry, too easy.

maximum bob said...

Keep your greasy, curating, artisanal mitts off my food before I break your fingers off and shove em
you know where...

JAZ said...

You'd be hard pressed to find a more glaring example of "Doesn't Get It" than that Eater article on Mars Bar.

Ed said...

Actually I recommend the Eater article for the comments, particularly # 3.

The New York piece on the Mars Bar is pretty good, straight. It also raises the issue about whether the confusion about the date was intentional.

With the construction of the Avalon thing, the best possible fate for the Mars Bar if it had continued to exist would have been to have become a sort of punk version of PJ Clarke's. But it still sucked when the place finally closed.

Jeremiah Moss said...

the comments are good. lots of rage.

esquared™ said...

speaking of indie stores...bookberries on 71st and lex. will be vanishing soon. saw a going out of business sign. just saying.

Little Earthquake said...

I agree that the outpouring of grief for Mars Bar is a little out of proportion. Though maybe it's more like a "last man standing" thing - not much left to knock over and turn into condos.