Thursday, July 7, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Sign the petition to save Jerry's Newsstand. [SJ]

Creepy advertising: TNT turns an empty storefront in Chelsea into a murder scene. [AW]

Bluestockings bookstore temporarily closes for "spruce up." [BB]

Take a look at the spiffed up Fulton Mall. [FNY]

Cosmos Diner, since 1978 on 23rd and 2nd, is under new management and closed for renovations. What will become of this good old joint now that it's across from "Manhattan's newest hit residence"?

Big Gay Ice Cream enters EV, tangles with alpha-crusty LES Jewels. [EVG]

And the frozen-treatifying of 7th St. continues with artisanal popsicles. [PS]

But the lemonade guy keeps it old school. [EVC]

Boardwalk Empire, Lucky Luciano, and the East Village. [GVSHP]

Playboy exhibit opens July 15. [NYO]


Filmatix said...

GodDAMNit. I'll be really heated if Cosmos closes down.

If anyone saw Romero's Land of the Dead, that "Tempo" monstrosity is just like Fiddler's Green, where all the people hole up to escape the zombies. Except in this case, it's the residence who are the walking-while-texting undead...

Bowery Boogie said...

what is an "artisinal Popsicle"? doesn't make sense.

JAZ said...

"You know what would be great in that Cosmos diner space? An artisinal cupcake shop, but it needs a catchy name to appeal to the people that make New Manhattan great (you know, the tourists); how about 'Suburban Sweets'?"

- Mike Bloomberg, July 7, 2011

Filmatix said...

It's just so hard to say "Piragua" if you only speak douche, or suburban. Now I've seen everything. Plus, why is all this yunnie crap all "-infused" with something?

Anonymous said...

"alpha-crusty LES Jewels"

I love this so much.

Anonymous said...

A few high end apartment buildings have gone up near the Cosmos diner in the past few years or so, one on the corner of 23rd & 1st Avenue, and one more recently on 23rd St. off 1st. Between the two they have an M&T bank, the East End diner, a McDonald's, Bolton's clothing, and a CVS. Not that snooty! I hope the space where Cosmos is now will not meet the fate of the empty storefronts on the uptown side of 23rd btw. 1st - 2nd, where the pastrami restaurant closed and so did the stationary/gift store, both missed. Re: high end restaurants, someone made an attempt last year with a pan Asian take-out place run by young Caucasian people on 2nd Avenue between 23rd - 24th Streets. They wanted $5 for a miso soup which featured three pieces of tofu the size of dice and a couple shreds of seaweed in a soup made from powder, not paste. (I know my miso.) They had a soft opening for their friends with wine then went steadily downhill. I never saw anyone in there, then they closed before 6 months. Yes, the guy at the register wore a fedora, heh-heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cosmos is gone for good. Bummer.