Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

A first sign of demolition--the rat bait has been placed inside 7 1/2, a.k.a. 9 Second Avenue, a.k.a. the Mars Bar buildings:

The developer who's bulldozing Mars Bar has done a lot of damage in the East Village. In 1999, the neighborhood rioted against him. Today? Meh. [LEV]

The end of an era at Mars Bar. [TGL]

Where to drink now that Mars is gone? [EVG]

Get to know the Blarney Stone. [GAF]

Somewhere in filmmaker Jon Alpert's archives are hours of footage from 1997 with transgender prostitutes in the Meatpacking District and scenes with crusties on St. Mark's Place. [JA]

Nom Wah extends its weekend hours into the night. [BB]

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Media glut said...

Gee he makes Jon Albert sound sweet:

“Never do a documentary with someone just talking to the camera,” he told me, “that’s boring. Get them to fight until they bleed or die. And never move the camera away.”

Clearly a filmmaker of great human compassion and genius.