Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Two of the last empty spots on western Bleecker get filled--Toons Thai restaurant and the Miracle Grill gain Parisian-based boutiques:

Red Hook's new Paris Burlesque surprises one trend-seeking youngster: "I thought it might be something, because burlesque is like fashion... But actually it’s, it’s—it’s a strip club!" [NYO]

Jennifer Egan stopped by St. Mark's Bookshop this week to sign 50 copies of A Visit from the Goon Squad. It's a great book at a great bookstore. Go buy one--or 50!

You may have seen them before, but the Cushman collection of luscious, full-color photos of 1940s New York is always worth another view. [Stupefaction]

"The older, more-traditional residents of the Upper East Side are angry and frightened" as Bloomberg plans to open pedestrian paths to bicyclists in Central Park. [NYO]

Catching up with the Mosaic Man. [BB]

More from Ray Deter's Second Line memorial parade. [NMNL]

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Jill said...

That reward poster is written in quaint olde English.