Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Many commenters agree Bloomberg paying a $115,000 salary to a 27-year-old Facebook guru is ludicrous. I add the question: So whatever happened to our Bed Bug Czar? [CR]

Sign the petition to designate 35 Cooper Square a landmark and save it from demolition.

And then go to the rally this Friday. [EVG]

"Can we please stop bemoaning the loss of 'edgy' New York?" [RS]

Burlesque coming to Red Hook. [Eater]

Check out more scenes of lost Times Square from Jerry Rio. [COS]

Remembering punk at the Paradise Garage in 1978. [Stupefaction]

New Fedora: packed, mobbed, reserved seats at the bar, expensive sweaters. [Eater]


Kevin Walsh said...

Fedora: Giant Oysters Rockefeller; Crispy Pig's Head with Greens and Gribiche; Sweetbreads and Octopus; Crisped Duck Leg with Dates and Herb Salad; Big Pork Chop for 2 with Scallion Pancakes

I'd eat the pork chop. The people who like gourmet food have way different tastes from me.

Brownstoner profiles Roll 'N roaster today...


Caleo said...

No, we cannot stop bemoaning the loss of "edgy" New York. Ever.

Marco said...

Punk at The Garage in 1978! And The Loft where lots of great music broke.