Thursday, January 6, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Looking back at the infestation: "bedbugs began to look like foot soldiers in a class war, soldiers who struck New York in its suburbanized, gentrified heart." [N+1]

January 18 and 19: Rosie Mendez sponsors bedbugs forum on the LES. [TLD]

"It's just like a real like nice like kind of like luxury building, which is kind of hard like in this area. It's not like, there's not like a lot of them, anyway." via via via... [EVG]

At the Soho Doc Martens store: "A man with a fully tattooed face and gauges in his ears was being let down gently: 'We don’t carry a lot of the industrial boots because of the neighborhood,' a salesclerk told him." via [Racked]

Mannequins gazing at other mannequins--at the 50-year-old Rootstein:

"Her family came from Sicily to the East Village a long time ago. This was before it was the East Village..." [HNY]

Gonzalez y Gonzalez, the Mexican joint with the neon sombrero, to close after 21 years. [Eater]

Great reminiscence about the old New Yorker magazine and its goings on. [NYT]

(The last?) New Year's Eve at Mars Bar. [Gog]

Doomsday is upon us--can the Manhattan Apocalypse be far behind? [Gothamist]

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glamma said...

very sorry to hear about gonzalez y gonzalez. that sucks.