Monday, January 10, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Help out our buddy--and brilliant author--Charles Bock by going to his rent party or making a donation. Read more here.

For Gonzalez y Gonzalez fans, the official shutter signage:

Andre Balazs Wants Hotel Chelsea for Chateau Marmont East? [Curbed]

Introducing the 2011 EV Survival Kit. [NYS]

Greenpoint's WORD bookshop: "Older, more settled; not so many girls teetering on booties or bearded guys in giant headphones." [CNY]

Wal-Mart trying really, really hard to take NYC. [CR]

Et tu, Chloe? [EVG]

"The cupcake craze is getting crazier." [NYT]

Love the dummies in 7th Ave's windows. [Restless]

Bedbugs: Extreme Infestation! on Animal Planet. Not for the faint of heart. [AP]

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