Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Max Fish to stay alive--just for one more year. [Paper] via Curbed

Zig Zag Records of Brooklyn closes after 35 years. [SB]

Looking back at the corner of 6th Ave and 24th St., where bagels replaced dancing girls. [FNY]

Knockdown drama at the CB3 meeting: Said one committee member, "If douchebags are a race, then I'm a racist." [EVG]

More and more bedbugs. [Curbed]

The history and future of 250 Bowery. [BB]

WalMart keeps trying to tell New York it loves WalMart. [Racked]

A little old Times Square from Jerry Rio. [youtube]

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JamesChanceOfficial said...

Wow...thanks for the news on Zig Zag. Reblogging now!