Thursday, January 20, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

A Max Fish memorial. Says Moby, "I had a list of things in the neighborhood that, were they to go away, then so would I. Max Fish and Mars Bar were both on that list." [TONY]

Reasons to stay the hell away from Murray Hill. [NYT]

Commenting on the commenting about the hideous new hotel planned for the Bowery. Luc Sante doesn't like it either. [EVG] ...but it gets even worse.

A walk through the subway tunnels. [Blah]

When Gem Spa had pinball. [FP]

Photos of old Coney on view at Chelsea gallery. [ATZ]

Don't forget: Even in winter, a Ray's egg cream tastes good. [NSC]


Note said...

Don't forget the shakes. I've scooped a few of those from Ray's the past couple weeks.

michael said...

If it means so much to him, maybe Moby should pony up the dough to buy Max Fish and keep it where it is. Mars bar too. I'm sure he and his celebrity friends could pull the money together.

Anonymous said...

keep max fuck mars. can't wait for that shit hole to be gone.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye moby.