Monday, February 1, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The Gentrification of Brooklyn is here--with "Ghetto-Fabulous Condos," "Unaffordable Groceries," and the "Caucasian Invasion." Check it out Feb 4. [FW]

lunapark's flickr

Dunkin Donuts now a bodega--and it all comes around. [EVG]

In Williamsburg, "Broke Is the New Black." [NYS]

John Strong freak show moves into Coney's Grasshorn. [ATZ]

Feb 3: Reminisce about the Great Depression in a Tenement Talk with David Freeland and Morris Dickstein. [TM]

Gersh Kuntzman visits the Gage & Tollner Arby's, on video. [BP]

In case you missed "Two Lovers" in the theater, be sure to get it on DVD and enjoy the old-school stylings of Brighton Beach. [CP]


esquared™ said...

that poster of the gentrification of brooklyn would have been better if they featured park slope moms pushing a stroller while talking on a cell phone; or, yunnies having a cupcake; or yuppies in pink shirt ...

BrooksNYC said...

We should be grateful that Gage & Tollner wasn't bulldozed, I guess. So why do I feel like I've been beaten and left for dead after watching that video?

maeve said...

It has been a long time since I lived in Brooklyn, but still am proud to say it loud and clear wone someone asks where I am from ... love to get in touch with blog woner since I have some great old pics of the home I lived in, it is now in Brooklyn Museum!!

Anonymous said...

Park Slope stroller Moms at local bars.
What happened to the childcare people in Park Slope?? Park Slope Moms used to work and employ others to raise the kids.