Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jackson for Rent

In September 2008 I visited the Jackson Triplex in Jackson Heights, a 1920s-era theater which has been called "the best Cinema Treasure theater still operating in Queens" by Cinema Treasures, thanks to its intact period details.

It's not operating any more.

A reader wrote in with the above photo: "I was playing billiards in Jackson Heights today and saw that the Jackson theater on 82nd Street has For Rent signs in the doors."

What does this mean for the Jackson Triplex? The Daily News had the story back in November: "The 85-year-old Triplex also struggled to stay afloat, said property broker Suraj (Sonny) Advaney. It couldn't compete with the multiplexes, Advaney said, and the owners were unable to pay rent and real estate taxes. Since the Triplex closed, he has been approached by other cinema operators about the location, he said."

Or maybe it'll just become an American Apparel.


Jeffrey Tastes said...

What multiplexes is it competing with? there are a ton of people that live in the area, and the closest theater is in Sunnyside, but the big one is in Astoria. Both unwalkable. It could be a happening place if it became a scene.

Brendan said...

Obviously this is really old, but you know this theater re-opened pretty much unchanged, right? It was only closed for a few months.

The American Apparel joke leads me to believe you were not very familiar with Jackson Heights when you wrote this.