Friday, February 5, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

"...the 10003 zip code has the second most bars of any neighborhood in the entire country"--and other details from last night's Bar Noise Town Hall. [TLD]

Check out Mars Bar back in the (relatively quiet) 1990s. [EVG]

Jackson Heights loses 50-year-old Cavalier restaurant, "throwback to an era when men and women donned hats and gloves." [NYT]

The Harmony on Christopher St. makes a bold, but possibly true, claim--"the only place like this in NY":

Totonno's to reopen next week. [Eater]

The I's (of Manhattan) have it. [FNY]

Bald eagle spotted on icy Hudson River. [Gothamist]

Coyote tiptoes across the ice in Central Park. [CR]


Jonathan said...

Regarding the closure of The Cavalier, this is the part that makes me sick: "The end came in much the same way it has come to scores of small businesses in gentrifying neighborhoods throughout the city: a new landlord arrived and charged rent so high that the owners simply could not hold on."

It's infuriating and saddening how the pursuit of the almighty dollar just tramples people. I know that's nothing new, but even so, I hope whatever the new landlords try for this space fails monumentally.

Anonymous said...

Aphrodisia Herb Shop, after 40 years is closing today. 264 Bleecker Street. Rent of course.

chris flash said...

On the evening that CBGB was forced to shut down, I wrote on the front gate "New York City is Dead."

With more killings of neighborhood institutions, like Aphrodisia and the Cavelier, New York City is not just dying further -- it's FUCKED!!

Grade "A" Fancy said...

Oh boy, am I sick of "throwback to an era when men and women donned hats and gloves" kinda lazy writing, sending every subject to a kind of clip-art retro fantasyland. What's being lost is places to go get a drink, maybe talk to a neighbor, relax, and not be bombarded with idento-bar giant screen TV/sports/teenager music horseshit.
I agree with Jonathan who hopes for the greedy landlord's failure.