Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Desirs' Demise

Checking in with the plight of Les Desirs: Friday, February 26, will be the last day for the 48-year-old bakery and its stalwart senior-citizens, though the fight to save the place made it to NY1 and garnered many petition signatures.

This is the last week you have to get some prune hamentaschen and elephant ear cookies.

Insider Stacy Torres tells us, "The lotto place next door to the bakery closed and was emptied on New Year's Eve."

As previously reported here, the upscale tapas restaurant Txikito will be expanding into the Lotto store and Sullivan Street Bakery is rumored to take over Les Desirs.

I went into the bakery for a final pastry. Outside, a woman was telling her friends, "This place has kept so many people together for so long. My mother used to come here every day. It got her out of the house."

No more.

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