Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Another EV chain falls to an indie. After the shocker of Dunkin Donuts' closure and conversion to a grocer, we discover that the Tasti-D-Lite, felled by an onslaught of fro-yo competitors, has turned into an eyeglass shop:

Chelsea residents scare off mega-club developers. [CN]

Tony's diNapoli to fall for Second Ave subway. [Eater]

Bloomberg downplays the NYPD's manipulation of crime statistics. [Gothamist]

A pair of bald eagles frolic in Harlem. [Gothamist]


EV Grieve said...

Glad to see a shop/business that residents may actually find useful and handy....

Grand St. said...

The D-lite moving into the former Chez Brigitte location seems stalled as well. Problems with fro-yo cash flow, I guess.

Melanie said...

The eyeglass shop looks very high end.
The eyeglass shop next to East Village Cheese closed.

Melanie said...

I checked the selection of eye wear and they have high end handmade frames and also offer eyeglasses in other price ranges as well. Insurances accepted and $99.00 specials. Something for everyone.