Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Check out the trailer for Vanishing City. [youtube]

Soho's Ohio Theater to officially close come August. [Gothamist]

"A mentally disturbed man with bad B.O. and a penchant for exposing himself is ruining the Forest Hills Starbucks for paying customers." [Gothamist]

Tomorrow: A talk on vaudeville in Brooklyn. [ATZ]

"Some convention-attending business dude...got really drunk at a Court Street bar, after which he wandered into a Livingston Street apartment...went to the laundry room and took a shit." [LM] from Brooklyn Paper


Anonymous said...

The Vanishing City trailer leaves me chilled. Hope there will be additional ones to join it. My question is this: the desire is to make the city for the top part of the socio-economic pyramid. A pyramid must have a middle part and a bottom part. Is anyone aware of this?

Ken Mac said...

starbucks coffee stinks, so BO is welcome