Tuesday, September 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Blackbook looks at "vendrification," where trendy foodie carts threaten to drive away what they deem "expendable" old-school street vendors. [via Gothamist]

Armando's reopened last night after vanishing last year--sadly, the lobster neon sign is most likely lost forever. Did the portrait of Marilyn return? [BP]

More bad cell phone behavior--if only this Wolverine had claws. [Gothamist]

"It wasn’t so long ago when, thanks to 'Sex and the City,' a quartet of over-accessorized Manhattanites stood metonymically for New York City..." But now, it's all about Brooklyn, so... "Grab your Bugaboo stroller, throw a New Yorker into your WNYC tote bag and let’s take the F." [NYT]


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how one sliver of Brooklyn stands for the entire borough. Those pretentious twaddlers do not infest any area of Brooklyn from which they cannot evacuate to Manhattan in a hurry. My ancestral homeland remains essentially unchanged.

Cav said...

Anon, these people spread like a virus. There's hipsters in Bushwick along B'way and I've seen a couple of them in East NY. They've almost infected all of Brooklyn and are poised to infect Queens next.

Grand St. said...

Modern23 is a real eyesore. That grey brickwork recalls a post-war public school or something. This on a block with some very beautiful buildings.

Makes me wish for the return of the Allerton Annex
(sort of)...

Anonymous said...

Let's see: a West Village place, be it a hotel or red sauce joint or little ole ladies restaurant, becomes an oasis for what passes for the swells and the trendy. Who's bankrolling all this activity?

Barbara L. Hanson said...

First anon was me, posting from the Amtrak Downeaster.

Anonymous said...

MANY, MANY Manhattanites and some Brooklynites are BIG TIME WOOS BAGS.

Especially the dudes walking around in sandals all the time like we live on some tropical island.

Manhattan/Park Slope/Williamsburg 2009

By the way, there is no way in hell LOLOLOLOL they are coming into Queens. They will get their asses beat by the locals.
I would love them to go to Howard Beach for a day.

Baby Strollers, Men & women in Sandals, Ipods.

Back in the day you didn't see these woos bags in sandals and pink polo shirts everywhere.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Brooklyn is enormous. And these woosbag hipsters that live in the poor areas represent the whole place. It really is annoying. It's mis represented.

Bloomberg can shove his "Fuggedabout" sign. Hipsters don't talk like that anyway. They should just fly the california flag to represent their valley talk.

Ed said...

I have to agree with Cav. Pretty much every part of Brooklyn where you can commute to Manhattan in under an hour has been infested.

The yunnies really only affect about two thirds of Manhattan and about a quarter of Brooklyn, maybe one or two places in Queens, so you can look at this philosophically and say that most of the city has been untouched. We still have Staten Island! But they are pretty much occupying the center of the city. You can't avoid the center of the city forever.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty uncritical conflation going on here of hipsters, douchebags in polos and sandals, Park Slope yuppie parents with organic, grass fed, free-range children, yunnies, etc. These are all different social types. Maybe they're all reprehensible, but a lot of the time they hate each other as much as the sandal-hating commenter hates them all.

Anonymous said...

From the Villager:

In the Village of ghosts: Seeing what isn’t there
By Jane Heil


Devastatingly right on.

Sunny said...

Penn South is a middle-income co-op.