Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

David Freeland introduces "You Are Here," a way to discover the past through current technology, like texting (which you should not do while walking and bumping into people--heads up!). [GLF]

A lost bell from Coney's Dreamland is discovered underwater. [CR]

Where once was hardware, there shall be sushi. And on it goes. [BB]

Check out a new book about Governors Island--Governors Island: The Jewel of New York Harbor by Ann L. Buttenwieser. The author will be speaking at the Skyscraper Museum 9/22.

Another sports bar for the EV. [EVG]

Mysterious Toynbee Tile demands "Justice for NYC Mosaic Man Jim Power" in the middle of 2nd Ave at 8th St.:


Anonymous said...

That's a Toynbee tile! A new message?

Jeremiah Moss said...

thank you! i was hoping if i put that up someone would know what it's called.

i'll edit the post accordingly.

i think it's new--also, it's hard to see in this pic, but it includes a shadowy "spy" figure with bright blue eyes.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I didn't notice the eyes at first - cool!

Grand St. said...

Where once was a bargain media outlet (Disc-o-Rama on W. 4), there will be karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Well, Home Depot took over the hardware businesses in NYC so Sushi will be replacing them.

I think there are 3 Sushi Hana's in Manhattan.